2. Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo are appearing together in a new Tangren drama production called The Imperial Doctress, or 女医·明妃传. These two were great together in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei and I look forward to seeing them together again.

  3. I sacrificed three years for you. How could you love him after only three days?

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    Shi Shi + Fashion

  5. January 8th, 2014, wedding ceremony of Yang Mi and Hawick Lau in Bali

    They went through both the Western ceremony and the traditional Chinese ceremony. Tang Yan was Yang Mi’s bridesmaid!

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    郁可唯 - 时间煮雨  《小时代》原声

    Yisa Yu - Shijian Zhu Yu / Time Boils the Rain

    "Tiny Times" OST

  7. House of Flying Daggers (China - Hong Kong, 2004)

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  8. I sacrificed three years for you. How could you love him after only three days?


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    okay I think it’s only right I be honest with my readers so yes pls don’t be offended by what I say below:

    frankly speaking, I think this is one of the not-so-good movies by Tsui Hark. Jet Li’s acting was mediocre in here; he was wooden and stiff. Okay lemme assume it’s all part of his character. But having a wooden personality does not equate to being awkward and forceful. His reactions in a few scenes were exactly that. Plus he hadn’t got really much chemistry with Zhou Xun. I geddit that the two characters are awkward with one another after some stuff happened, but…Oh and Tsui Hark, I geddit that this is like the first ever 3D Wuxia film in history, but please please PLEASE tone down for goodness sake. THE CG IS TERRRRIBLE and awfully fake. As in couldn’t you have done it more subtly? Instead of being a bonus, it has turned back to bite your butt and become a burden and a thorn in the foot for me while viewing it.

     Oh and the plot was CRAP. Totally lousy and overly simplistic and amateurish. C’mon Tsui Hark I expected more of you.

    okay lest you guys stone me for this blasphemic speech I do have a good thing or two to mention: CHEN KUNNNNN. He was totally great in the movie as two very different characters: the crafty and ruthless Yu Hua Tian and the witty and talkative Feng Li Dao. Those two characters could never have been more different, yet he portrayed them with ease, so much so that although they had the same face, I felt that they were two actors. :O amazing! And I love love Yu Hua Tian. Sorry Tsui Hark, I always fall for the second males. ah well, it is surely fated for me to be plagued by the Second Lead Syndrome.

    haha second lead syndrome I have that with most wuxia series. 
    I agree that the plot wasn’t really clear. I do like watching the fights 10 times over (that is sort the main reason why I watch wuxia after all). I think the CGI would maybe look a bit better if we could watch it in real 3D. 

    Have you seen the 1992 version of this movie? That one was, well what should I say…. O_O scary.

    oh is the 1992 one good? :D oh yes hahaha I watch for the fight scenes and choreography too!

    1992 is not my sort of movie, it’s sort of black comedy movie. This one is much better. 

    I have to say that I prefer the 1992 film too. The cast was really legendary and their performances cannot be matched by the latest film. (I say this as a Zhou Xun fan.) It had amaaazing action choreography and I guess black comedy is my type of thing because I found it absolutely hilarious. I think the 1992 film is iconic and it’s really a masterpiece. The more recent one is just another movie to me. There’s not that much to separate it from any other big budget wuxia film of today. To some, it’s an enjoyable movie, but it can’t compare to the 1992 one.